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CCTV Security Camera Cables allow you to connect your CCTV Surveillance Cameras to your VCR, DVR or PC Based DVR System with ease.

Cabling options can include either pre-manufactured Power/Video Cables or Bulk-Style CCTV Power & video security camera cables to suit virtually any installation. Pre-Made CCTV Camera Power and Video Cables are great for ease of installation, the ends are already formed on the cables although you may be

Bulk-Style Power/Video Cables come in spools that can be cut to fit although it is recommended all ends are cut and connected by a professional security installer.

When it comes to connectors, many prefer to spend less as a professional connector can cost you upwards of $15.00 a piece...a bad connector can cost you 20 to 30% of your transmission.
Bulk cable is better for longer runs (150 - 500 ft or longer) as it has better shielding from interference that could degrade your video quality. Bulk spools of power/video cable are available in 500' and 1000' spools, and can be used to run up to 1000' per camera.

Choosing Your Cable and Connectors